Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant EntranceThe Robot Restaurant

I thought I would describe my experience at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo. And I know most of you have already seen something about it on TV, I know atlas that Bourdain was there on a show and I’m sure several others have been as well. But I’ve yet to see a report that can cover everything the Robot Restaurant is, and I’m certain my attempt won’t either.
Anyway,  I was eating breakfast in my hostels kitchen next to two guys I didn’t know who where browsing through some pamphlets when they suddenly asked me what I had planned to do that day. When I said that I had nothing special planned they asked me if I was interested in going to this Robot cabaret thing that had a 3 for 2 deal. I had never heard of it but I reasoned why not, after all isn’t new experiences why we travel? I am glad I did because that was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever been through. And I do apologise for the lack of pictures, I only had my phone with me and once I got into the showroom and the Robot Restaurant-3show started I pretty much got completely lost in it. Anyway you start out waiting in line for an elevator next to two huge robots. The elevators departs you in a overly swank lounge where you can have a few drinks accompanied by small robotic creatures on your table and a band dressed as, you guessed it, robots.

When you finally get into the room where the show is gone be you get seated at opposite sides, almost like bleachers. There are two different sides, or perhaps teams, that compete/perform on stage and depending on the side you’re sitting on you adhere to one or the other. Then the geishas riding mecha-dinosaurs start clashing and actors in all different costumes riding I don’t quite know what kind of things start happening. Both sides start cheering and you can hear shouts of kampai (cheers) coming more often as the show progresses. All in all it is an interesting show.
And on I side note I was there the day after since I thought I had lost my phone and wallet there that night (found it at the cab company the next day). The staff was really helpful searching the entire venue for me and then letting me snoop around for myself. Quite a different sight to see it when it was closed compared to in full action.

To conclude I know this might not be to everyones taste but I do urge you to go there if you do want a completely new/different/weird experience. And if you are interested you can check it out and can book tickets here on their website.

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