Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe street performerThe Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The weeks the festival fringe lasts is for me a happy time. I’ve been there on several occasions since my first unknowing visit, and it grows on me every time. I seem to discover something new with each visit and since it is the largest arts festival in the world one might say that the options on what to do and see is pretty much inexhaustible. Also noteworthy is that because the festival fringe attracts a lot of visitors other happenings have started to crop up. Last time I unwittingly stumbled upon a foodie festival so it’s worth looking into other happenings in the Edinburgh area during the festival fringe.

Prices and Tickets

The prices of accommodation usually is increased for the festival fringe so be aware when booking and check out alternatives like Airbnb, which has worked great for me. Tickets can be bough online or at their ticket office just of the Royal Mile. As for ticket prices it obviously depends on the show but also on when you purchase tickets there is often a good discount to be had when purchasing late. The last minute tickets can be bought at huts erected for the festival and the current prices are displayed nearby. But remember that popular acts can be sold out well in advance, so if there is something special that you don’t want to miss: book early! There is also a section of the festival called the free fringe, meaning all shows are free although they often ask for some kind of voluntary contribution afterwards. Some of the best acts I have seen has been free fringe acts so be sure to check it out. To find out more about the free fringe do a google search or have a look at the pamphlets they circulate during the festival.

The entertainment

Edinburgh Fringe's golden manThere all are types of entertainment, ranging from exhibitions and musicals to standup and improv. So odds are you will find something to do. Acts are everywhere all through the day and for all budgets, from expensive to free. A good free activity to start within to just to roam the main streets which are full of performers either doing acts on the street or advertising their acts. But I do urge you to chip something in if you like a performance you’ve seen on the street, it is after all their source of income. I mainly attend standup acts during the fringe because I’m all for a good laugh. But I’ve seen loads of different acts during the fringe and mostly they’ve been great. Once in a while you end up going to something that’s not your thing or so completely mad that you can understand and/or believe what’s happening. But I think that’s part of the charm, taking a chance to go see things you have never done before. And if you found it to be a waste of a few pounds and an hour or so of your time at least now you have something interesting to talk about in the pub afterwards.


If it hasn’t come across, I recommend anyone thinking about going to the Edinburgh festival fringe to stop thinking about it and go. It is fun and the fact that it’s set in a the beautiful city of Edinburg with it’s many pubs and other sights doesn’t hurt. For more information about the Edinburgh festival fringe check out their website here.

Edinburgh Fringe Scottish bagpiper at night

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