Through the lens

Experiencing the world through a lens can add another dimension to it. By this I don’t mean that you should go through your day with your eyes glued to a viewfinder or lcd screen instead of actually being there in the moment. But in my experience I can often find myself being surprised by how beautiful, breathtaking, exhilarating or interesting something actually was when viewing photos I’ve taken. If nothing else photography can give you a reason to stop up and soak in the moment. It could be something as easy as framing a view or sunset on the beach, something we probably all done once or twice, or capturing a moment of a activity such as climbing or road racing. It can shed an entirely new light on things we’ve done or seen a hundreds of times before by freezing the moment and giving us time to actually appreciate it. Both whilst you are doing it and later at your leisure.
Photography, to me, can be a marvelous thing. Not only as a way to preserve memories or document life, as seems so popular nowadays, but as a tool that can enhance ones appreciation of the world.