Travel is in my experience the best way to broaden your horizons. There is no better or faster way to learn things about different cultures or places than to actually go there and experiencing them in person. Although prior knowledge of your destination is most often a good thing but in my opinion the actual learning doesn’t start until you are. Books, movies or articles is simply no substitute for the real thing, they can’t impart the nuances or emotions of a place or a people. They can try an explain them, but they can’t impart them. Only the real thing can.
But travel doesn’t only make you learn things about your surroundings but it also helps you grow as a person. Because, let’s face it, doing the same thing in the same surrounding over and over again doesn’t make you think new thoughts or do new things.
So if you have somewhere or something you’ve always thought about experiencing perhaps it’s time to do it. If you don’t have anything special in mind by now you can probably drum up some inspiration quite quickly by simply googling around for a bit or checking out some travel blogs.
So go to it and start planning that next journey.